Our Story


It was on a colder day at the farmer's market, and I was picking up veggies to make one of those soup that warms up the family. Here I was, selecting potatoes and carrots and in the next booth, someone caught my attention. It was the skin care lady, introducing her brand new colored lip balm. Her product was nice enough, but I passed her by because the feeling and experience of shopping for food cannot be more different from the feeling I was looking for when I shop for beauty products.

I shop for beauty with glamor in mind.

I started to search for a place where I could shop ethical beauty that could provide me with the experience I was looking for.

I did not find such a place, so I created one with portia-ella.

portia-ella curates only the best ethical Canadian brands with your needs and best shopping experience in mind. 


Photography: Katie Huisman