Kahuna Hand Soap

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Benefits: Cleans hands without drying or irritating skin, Purifying ingredients that aren’t toxic to the environment, Soothing essential oils give off the beautiful aromas of pure plant extracts.

An eco-friendly coconut-based liquid soap that effectively washes hands without over drying or irritating skin. Made with pure organic essential oils chosen for soothing and purifying properties.

Smells Like: Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang

Size: 250 mL/8 fl oz

Key Ingredients:

  • Saponified Coconut Oil –  A gentle but purifying liquid soap that doesn’t dry out skin. Made with 100% coconut oil.
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil – The distilled oil from lemongrass that has purifying properties and a bright lemon scent.
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Tropical flower with a sweet, intoxicating aroma that is relaxing.  Purifying and balancing to skin.

pH Balance - 7

_ÒÓ 100% Plant-based 
_ÒÓ Vegan 
_ÒÓ Cruelty free 
_ÒÓ Biodegradable 
_ÒÓ Safe & Non-toxic 
_ÒÓ Nut-free 
_ÒÓ Gluten-free

_ҋ Parabens 
_ҋ Formaldehyde-releasers  
_ҋ Petroleum 
_ҋ Phthalates 
_ҋ Artificial aromas or fragrances 
_ҋ Dyes 

Ingredients: Coco glucoside, saponified coconut oil*, water, glycerin*, lemongrass essential oil*, ylang ylang essential oil*, citric acid. *certified organic