Our Story


It was on a cold day at the farmer's market, when I was picking up veggies to make one of those homemade soups that warms up the family. Here I was, selecting potatoes and carrots and in the next booth, someone caught my attention. It was a skin care lady, introducing her brand new coloured lip balm. Her product was nice, but I passed her by because the feeling and experience of shopping for food cannot be more different from the feeling we look for when shopping for beauty.

We shop for beauty with glamor in mind.

I was always searching for that place I could shop for Ethical Beauty, the place I did not have to guess what was in the ingredients and still feel like I was having the ultimate beauty experience.

Well, I did not find such a place, so portia-ella was created.

portia-ella curates the top of the line ethical Canadian brands with a healthy and safe shopping experience in mind. 

The meaning of portia-ella: [portia] an offering [ella] women. portia-ella is an offering to women and the PE crest represents the circle of life.